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They (the mosaics) are all absolutely beautiful and we feel very privileged to have them.The craftsmanship which goes into making them is exemplary. We were impressed by how much time was spent discussing what we wanted and the designs which were made so that we could make our choice. The one mosaic is of an owl and the amount of time which has clearly been spent on making it is breathtaking and worth every penny.It is always a topic of conversation when people first visit us."


I don't just sell personalised designs but create pre-made designs, including wall mosaics. If you can't wait take a look my mosaics for sale, and keep up to date with the latest creations by signing up to my mailing list.


A pebble mosaic designed especially for you, will create a beautiful focal point within your garden.

I take my inspiration from the natural world around me, using the colours, shapes, and tactile textures of my pebbles to create intricate patterns which are a feature of my designs.

My aim is to craft a beautiful mosaic in a design that means something special to you. Using this stunning functional art form to create a unique garden space which expresses your individuality and will be admired by all.