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Step 4

I will happily provide you with details of what is required to prepare the mosaic site, or liaise directly with your local building or landscape contractors.

The mosaic is then delivered to your pre-prepared site where I will install and grout the mosaic sections.

Step 3
Mosaic Fabrication

I will create a sample block (if required) of your chosen materials and a full scale design to finalise details with you.

Each section is constructed like an upside down cake so that the finished surface is flat enough to walk on comfortably. The mosaic slabs then require four weeks of curing to attain their maximum strength.

Step 2
Mosaic Design

With the design brief, I will sketch two or three draft ideas for you to choose from. Your chosen design concept is then made into a more detailed scale drawing. At this stage we can discuss colours, materials and any changes before the full scale drawing is made. Once the full scale drawing design is agreed, I will supply a quotation for fabrication and installation.

Step 1

Initial site visit and consultation (Free within a 25 mile radius of my studio)

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