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Success at West Dean College

Taught my second Pebble Mosaic Course at West Dean College on the 2nd of September. Along with my students we created 18 mosaics in 3 days. The nine students that enjoyed the course got to take home two of their own crafted mosaics in both pre cast and dry mix techniques.

Monday evening I met the students at the beautiful West Dean college to discuss their ideas for their final mosaic designs. Next day, after a lovely buffet breakfast, we met in the sculpture courtyard to begin our first 30cm x 30cm mosaics. Each student has time to discuss with me their designs so that I can help them select the best pebbles to use to make the most out of their mosaics. We begin with the pre cast method where the design is placed on the bottom of the mould and you work face down, just like an upside cake. Once all the pebbles are in place you put a level of sand on base to allow for the pebbles to be seen once you turn it out. After a busy day we walk back through the beautiful walled gardens of West Dean for a much deserved dinner. After dinner some students can decide to come back to the studio with me to continue with their designs.

Setting up for the students to arrive

Wednesday Morning I mix the grout and the students pour their mosaics which are then left for about 3 hours before their concreted. Meanwhile the students start their dry mix method, sorting pebbles and editing their designs.

After a day of creating your mosaics, Thursday morning is the big reveal! Here we take each students pre cast mosaic and flip it over, remove the base board and the students brush away the sand to reveal their design. This is the best part of the course as all your hard work is revealed in a beautiful mosaic that they each get to take home.

In the afternoon the students finish off their dry mix mosaics which they take home still dry. After a demonstration with me they are able to finish their mosaic at home with full course notes. This can also enable them to make other mosaics at home.

After we pack everyone's cars up with their two mosaics they are sent home happy :)

My next West Dean College Mosaic Course will be in 2020 so keep an eye out!

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