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The "Pawfect" Mosaic

In June 2019 I completed a 90cm round mosaic of a Lancashire Heeler dog called Cracker. This mosaic took nine months to complete and is to date one of the most complicated and detailed mosaics I have worked on.

'Cracker' turned out and cleaned at my studio

The mosaic had an intricate slate leaf boarder, where each piece was hand cut by myself and glued together to create leaves of varying shapes, types and sizes. Once this was completed and secured in place to the mould, I had to begin the dog design. This part of the mosaic took a lot of communication with my client to ensure the likeliness was exact to the their pet dog, Cracker.

The dogs enjoying their new mosaic

On the 6th of September, I travelled to Stow on the Wold to install the mosaic in a patio overlooking the Cotswold countryside. With a few helping hands (including the dogs) we slotted the mosaic into the pre cut hole, and surrounded it with gravel.

All hands on deck

We all had a glass of champagne to celebrate, and toast to Cracker and the mosaic!

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