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Choosing a site for your mosaic
  • Add interest to large areas of paving

  • Enhance a seating area

  • Define entrances to other parts of your garden

  • Spectacular in areas of your garden that you can view from above

  • Ideally site in a nice open sunny position, away from overhanging trees

Guidelines for site preparation

Joints between blocks are grouted


Rebate 8mm

Ground Level

7.5 cm (3 inchs) mosaic block

Approx 3.5cm (1 inch) sand or mortar mix to bed block down

10 to 15cm (4 to 6 inches) compacted hard core base

Average total depth of hole 25cm (10 inches) approx

​The exact size and depth of hole required to install the mosaic sections will be specified for each project.

Pebbles and other materials

I hand sort every pebble for the right, size, colour, shape and suitability. My aim is to make a mosaic that will last.

Pebbles are a natural product and will of course show variation in colour and textures which makes the mosaic more interesting and individual.

I enjoy using a variety of materials such as coloured glass nuggets to create iridescent effects, slate and Cotswold stone to define the elements of a design, and other beautiful exciting coloured minerals such as green malachite to give visual impact.

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