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"Slate of Hand"

For my newest commission I have designed a leaf surround for a pebble mosaic of a Lancashire Heeler dog. I selected and sourced the slate from Cumbria, as the Honester Slate that is found there is known for its beautiful shades of green.

Leaf Designs

I begin by drawing out the designs for lime, oak, hawthorn and sycamore leaves so that I can begin to piece together the slate to get the initial shape and colour of the desired leaf.

Honster Slate, being sorted and washed

After sorting and washing the slate, I use a machine cutter to shape the leaves for the mosaic design.

To create softer, smoother edges an angle grinder is used to finish off the leaf.

Once I have the desired shape of the leaf, I position it within the mould with the rest of the design, face down where the grout mixture is poured on top of the mosaic. Once the grout has set the mosaic is turned out and flipped over to reveal the mosaic design.

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